Legal Issues with Child Custody and Moving

If you have minor children subject to a Custody Order or Agreement and you want to move, beware. Under PA Custody

Law,  you are required to give a specific written notice, to certain people, in a particular way, within specific time frames.

No big deal, you think?  Please reconsider.  If you move, without complying with each element of the notice requirements, you may risk losing custody of your children.

This Custody Act makes many other significant changes to PA Custody Law as well.   There is no more “visitation,”  it is now called “Partial Physical Custody”   There are now 16 factors which the court uses to determine the best interests of the child(ren).  If you now have, or wish to seek Primary Physical Custody of your child(ren), please call me to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience to review your circumstances relative to the new law.

Don’t move without consulting with a qualified Attorney.

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